About Us

Who We Are

The Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Club of San Diego is an organization of criminal defense lawyers with a mission to elevate the practice of their profession. We constantly push for a fair justice system, particularly for those who are accused in both federal and state criminal cases.  We educate criminal defense lawyers on how to deal with different issues surrounding their practice from the arrest to appeal. We provide access to different educational materials and monthly continuing legal education programs.
Less-experienced lawyers can also expect mentors from our organization. Our monthly meetings provide members with a venue where they can exchange ideas and information with each other. Once you’ve become a member of the Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Club of San Diego, you can post your motions and read other motions submitted by other members.

Advocating Legislative Changes

Apart from providing monthly MCLE credits, networking opportunities and mentors, we ultimately believe in making a difference in the justice system. Our organization firmly believes that we can collectively become a catalyst to promote a positive change in criminal cases, whether federal or state. In the past, we have submitted proposals that improved legislation affecting the criminal justice system.