What is the Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Club of San Diego?

The Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Club of San Diego is an organization of criminal defense lawyers. Our organization intends to foster growth among criminal defense practitioners. We provide a platform where lawyers can learn from each other and improve their practice.

Our San Diego criminal defense lawyers club is also not just for lawyers who are looking for a career growth. We are also promoting a positive change in both state and federal legislation pertaining to defending the accused in criminal cases.

Does the Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Club of San Diego offer educational materials for members?

Yes. We encourage our member lawyers to learn from each other. We provide a platform where they can interact and download materials that can help them grow as a lawyer.

Do you get to offer mentorship?

Our organization encourages mentorships. We provide meetings where members get to interact with each other. This way, more experienced criminal defense lawyers can share their knowledge and experience with newer ones.

We also invite different lawyers from academics to policymakers for our meetings and educational programs. This way, not only does it encourage our members, but it can also allow them to pick up new ideas and update their knowledge.

Can I get to post motions?

Once you’ve become a member of the Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Club of San Diego, you can share your own motion with other members. In addition to this, you can also access and download other lawyers’ motions making sure that there is an exchange of information among our members.

Do you offer activities for MCLE credit?

Yes, members can attend our monthly meetings for MCLE credit. These are announced via email.

Who should I contact if I am planning to become a member?
If you want to know more about our organization, contact us at president@criminaldefenselawyersclub.org to learn more about us.