Membership Benefits

Why Join?

The Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Club of San Diego is opening its doors to new members. We believe that collectively, we can make a big difference in both the practice of criminal defense lawyers and the justice system as a whole. You can join us and become part of something bigger.

Our goal is to create a group that believes in upholding the rights guaranteed to every individual. And to make this a possibility, we offer materials and interactions that can foster growth on both new and experienced criminal defense lawyers alike. We’re a San Diego criminal defense lawyers club that has provided a venue where lawyers get to exchange new ideas, and learn from cases of other members.

Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Club has proposed changes in existing legislation on both state and federal levels. On top of that, our members can read more about the motions of other members, submit their own, and get to build relations with other member lawyers who specialize in defending accused individuals in criminal cases.

Membership Benefits

Why join our organization? As the leading San Diego lawyer’s association that aims to elevate the practice of criminal defense lawyers, we can provide members with several perks:

  • Leading San Diego lawyers association for criminal defense lawyers
  • Provides learning opportunities for new lawyers
  • Networking with experienced criminal defense lawyers
  • Access to educational materials and programs to stay updated on latest cases
  • Legal assistance for members
  • Opportunity to find mentors
  • Regular monthly events for members to discuss matters involving criminal defense practice

To join, start the application process using the link below.